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now at 11:00, a mother uses her baby to commit a crime, then fists fly as it starts to unravel. only news4 as video of the attack and the rmatte
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>> a newborn snatched from a bus station in d.c. 30 years later, a new clue as investigators try to hunt down the woman responsible. $10,000 in cash gone in a matter of seconds, after thieves target a local salvation army. >> news4 at 11:00 starts now. first tonight, surveillance video rolls as a shoplifter goes on the attack with her baby. >> tonight, the woman throwing the punches is in prison. and we're learning new details now about what led to this violent confrontation. >> darcy spencer is in rockville with the story you'll see only on news4. >> reporter: according to these documen documents, the suspect was trying to steal hair weaves from a beauty supply store. but the shop owner tried to stop her and it turned into a violent struggle. and in the meeblantime, the suspect's baby came tumbling out of his stroller. it's video you're seeing for the first time on news4.
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showing an assault and attempted robbery at a local beauty supply store. it shows the suspect in a struggle with the shop owner, hits her on the head. she falls. then a baby in the suspect's stroller slides out as the confrontation continues. >> at some point, the baby fell out of the stroller. >> that's horrible. as a parent, you wouldn't think anyone would do that with their kid. especially when they fall out and you are trying to steal some wigs. >> reporter: the video shows the suspect hit the owner on the head with ashoe. earlier, she tried to snatch a cell phone from her hand over the counter. documents show the suspect and her accomplices tried to make off with about $850 worth of hair weaves. >> she used the baby as a cover to steal things from that store, and try to make her escape. >> reporter: the suspect, 19-year-old y von williams, with the word princess tattooed on her chest, sent to prison for five years. after pleading guilty to attempted robbery in connection
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with the attack, at the town beauty supply store in gaithersburg. >> justice is done, period. so for this person to go away, it doesn't just help the store, but the community, as well. because if they can do it here, what else? >> reporter: the shop owner tells me the attack left her face swollen and she was covered with bruises. the shop surveillance cameras rolling, and used as evidence against williams in court. >> it's just despicable. and it's even more troubling that a child fell out of that baby carriage during the assault. >> reporter: you may have noticed there were two other women with the suspect during this case, and you could see them possibly in that video. i'm told that one of them pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge. the second woman has not yet been identified. reporting live from rockville, darcy spencer, news4. now to a story tom sherwood reported first on news4. d.c. mayor, vincent gray is seeking re-election amid
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allegations of corruption in 2010. tonight his political rivals are coming out swinging. jackie bensen is outside the wilson building with the details. hey, jackie. >> reporter: hello, doreen. mayor gray defended his record tonight amid a new round of unwelcome questions. a few hours after taking the candidate's oath and signing forms to pick up nominating petitions at the d.c. board of elections, d.c. mayor vincent gray responded to questions about the criminal investigations surrounding contributions to his 2010 campaign. >> listen, our record speaks for itself. look at the fiscal stability in this city, the economic development, the way people are getting back to work. >> reporter: four high-level aides to the gray 2010 campaign pleaded guilty to felony charges. the mayor himself has not been charged with any wrongdoing. council member tommy wells is among six declared rivals. he released a written statement saying, quote, vince gray was elected under false pretenses
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and doesn't deserve a second chance, because he ran a corrupt campaign, end quote. candidate muriel bowser released a statement saying now that mayor gray is seeking re-election, he will have to answer many questions about his 2010 campaign. political activist, phil pinnal. >> i hope before the april 1st primary that that situation is resolved. >> reporter: mayor gray sent a letter to supporters today, asking them to sign his petitions. live at the wilson building, jackie bensen, news4. tonight, a new push to solve a mystery that has spanned three decades. the center for missing and exploited children just released this photo of a baby. her name is april williams. next to it is a computer-generated image of what she might look like today. a woman called herself la toya, befriending the baby's mother at a bus stop in 1983 and kidnapped the little girl. she hasn't been seen since. april had a birth mark on her
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wrist. tomorrow will mark 30 years since her abduction. a northern virginia man is behind bars tonight, accused of robbing homes in his girl friend's neighborhood and then selling the stolen stuff. police charged daniel stanley last week in connection with six burglaries in restton's forest edge area. search warrants obtained also show he may be a suspect in as many as 16 break-ins. the burglaries left some neighbors stunned. >> we were all shocked when it happened. and, you know, we're pretty close to them next door. some of the things taken were pretty special and not easily replaceable. >> reporter: investigators say stanley sold a stolen laptop on craigslist. another one he sold to a pawn shop. in both cases, he used his real name and that's how police were able to track him down. it was traveling three times the speed limit. tonight investigators confirm speed was a factor in the deadliest commuter train crash in new york in two 80 miles
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per hour when it derailed in the bronx yesterday, killing four people. as investigators sift through the twisted metal, the conductor is offering new insight into the moments right before the crash. nbc's jay gray has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: late today, investigators confirmed, speed was a contributing factor in the deadly metro north commuter train accident. >> and let me emphasize, this is preliminary information. from the event recorders, tess shows the train was traveling at approximately 82 miles per hour, as it went into a 30-mile-an-hour curve. >> reporter: what the national transportation safety team does not have a handle on yet is whether the train was traveling more than twice the level speed as a result of human or mechanical error. >> at this point in time, we can't tell. at this point in time, the data is preliminary. >> reporter: agents have talked with all three crew members from the train, including the engineer, who has said the brakes did not respond just before the accident. they're also interviewing
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survivors and learning more about the moment of impact. >> i could feel the wheels come off. he could feel the car go off the tracks. >> reporter: they have returned control of the tracks to metro north, but will stay on the scene for another week to ten days. once all the evidence and information from data recorders from the train are gathered, ntsb officials say it will likely take a year or longer to determine the official cause of the deadly accident. jay gray, nbc news, new york. tonight we're also hearing from riders aboard that train. some said they felt the train cars leaning before they completely tipped over and tossed passengers around like rag dolls. survivors described the moment of impact. >> we were going fast. as it hit the curve, it was flying. >> there was screaming and people crying out to god and asking for their families. it was pretty gruesome. >> we're also learning more about the victims. one is a member of the nbc news
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family. audio technician jim lovell was going to set up for the rockefeller center tree lighting. donna smith and james ferrari also killed. in prince george's county tonight, the gunman who opened fire inside a gas station is still on the run. 25-year-old de lonte jackson was shot in forestville today. he didn't work there, and police believe he was murdered during a robbery attempt. even with that forestville murder investigation right now, crime in prince george's county is at its lowest point in years. there have been 52 murders in the county this year. compare that to 58 at this same time last year. violent crime is down nearly 15% compared to last year. the police chief credits good investigative work, community support and neighbors not being shy about complaining about crime for the downward trend. turning to our weather, a chance for fog tomorrow, and it could impact your commute. meteorologist veronica johnson here to break down the timing of it all.
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vj? >> that's right, guys. it could slow some of us down early tomorrow morning. i've been taking a look at the latest visibilities coming in. they're under two miles now in ocean city. salisbury, right out a mile. everywhere else here throughout our area somewhere between 7 and 10 miles. but as we get into the overnight period, i think there will be some more pockets of fog setting up. and that means possible travel delays for tomorrow morning. here are the areas that i'm looking at. annapolis, waldorf forward fredericksburg, and leonardtown where pockets of fog are getting thick for tomorrow morning. the other big story, the warmup. i'll show you which day is going to feel like early november coming up in just a couple minutes. >> thanks, veronica. a lot of teachers in our area's largest school district say they're overworked and underpaid. news4 got an early look at a survey of 1,400 teachers in fairfax county. when asked what they would do if their salaries didn't go up next year, 42% said they would keep their jobs. 19% said they would look for
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another teaching job. 15% said they would leave education. and 25% of teachers said they would get a second or even a third job. >> i certainly have a second job. most of my peers in the math department already do second jobs. >> we're not asking to be rich by any stretch of the imagination. no one goes into teaching for that. >> the fairfax county school board plans to use the survey results to gauge employee concerns. the board plans to do its own survey next month. the white house is reporting a surge in traffic on the government's health care website. 375,000 people visited that site today. the site is now equipped to handle 90% of visitors. but some people still experience delays. they were placed in a cue and told when to come back for faster service. today we also learn president obama still hasn't signed up for his health care. he has until december 23rd to enroll for coverage that begins january 1st.
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next, a ruthless crime just before the holidays, too. tonight the new video that could help police find the men who stole thousands from the salvation army's red kettles. >> i cry every night ever since i found out. his kids cry. his -- it's something that was, of course, unexpected. >> a family man killed in a hit and run. and is tonight a desperate plea from the victim's family. some call it the future. others call it a publicity stunt.
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we're following breaking news in southern california. aerial video, as crews rescue a woman who fell 25 feet and got wedged between two buildings. this is in santa anna, california. it took firefighters an hour to get her out of there. the woman was seen speaking with firefighters and appeared to be alert. no word yet on the circumstances that led up to all of this. tonight we're learning new details about the crash that killed actor paul walker and his friend. nbc news has learned that driver rog roger rodas was not drag racing. he hit a curve going 45 miles per hour at a spot where the speed limit drops to 15 and lost control. a photo shows walker next to the porsche carrera minutes before the crash. some people wondered why the delicious was so devastating. experts say the porsche carrera is designed for speed with a different center of gravity than a typical sedan. that would make the car spin out
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more quickly and at a faster speed. they were planning a wedding. but tonight a maryland man is dead, and his fiancee is preparing for his funeral tomorrow. the victim, a father of two, was killed during a hit and run crash on pinebrook avenue in landover last month. police try to bring the driver to justice. >> someone actually took him away from me. >> reporter: kiana brown wants to know who killed her best friend. her fiance, akeel ross. they have two children together. >> i cry every night, ever since i found out. his kids cry. his -- it's something that was -- of course, unexpected. >> reporter: and senseless. tonight, prince george's county police tell us a driver slammed no akeel and kept on going while he was crossing landover road and pinebrook avenue. november 22nd. 8:40 at night. police believe possibly two cars hit him and didn't stop.
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>> he has two kids that now they won't be able to do things with their father. >> reporter: and tonight we have learned when police arrived on the scene, akeel's body was in the roadway. his family doesn't know why he was in this area. >> why didn't you stop? and at least help him. it's a possibility that if you would have helped him that he would still be alive today. >> i'm very saddened and upset. i grieve a lot. >> reporter: he was an auto mechanic who enjoyed fixing his cadillac. now his fiancee's heart needs to be repaired as she mourns over this tragic loss and demands the hit and run driver does the right thing. >> you need to turn yourself in. >> reporter: in landover, i'm sha mary stone, news4. surveillance video released tonight shows two men who stole thousands from the salvation army's red kettles. police tell us the thieves broke into the center on martin luther king avenue yesterday morning. you can see one of them here
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walking with a bolt cutter. the thieves got into a safe and stole at least $10,000 in cash from red kettles being stored at the center. money was raised over three days and was supposed to go to needy families in southeast d.c. this video has the internet buzzing about the future of convenience, safety and privacy. founder jeff bezos just unveiled a same-day delivery drone, designed to drop packages on your doorstep in 30 minutes. critics question how realistic this is since the federal government bans the commercial use of most drones. but bezos expects the delivery drones to be operating in four to five years. drones are already in use for farming and film production. >> that could put santa out of business. >> hard to imagine how they can overcome a lot of obstacles to make that happen. crazy. warm out there, after the cold we got used to. >> exactly. and our temperatures this week, folks, are going up.
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but like all the warmups we get during this time of year, you know it's only temporary. it's not going to last long. so let me give you the details on this week and we'll talk more about that morning fog that we're going to see setting up in some areas. as far as today, yes, we did have lots of clouds across the area today. temperature going up to 50 degrees today. 50 degrees and today, in fact, our warmest day in more than a week around here. and now for the rest of the week, we're going to see our temperatures top out, i think, in some neighborhoods over 60 degrees. so it's fog for tomorrow morning. could even be a few morning sprinkles, as a weak weather front makes its way into the area. then i think tomorrow afternoon, we could get a few more breaks in that cloud cover than what we saw today and get a little more sunshine around here. then it's wednesday -- we're back to clouds all week long. the clouds are just going to keep getting us. some showers coming our way for wednesday afternoon. i think around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, some passing light showers
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expected right into the evening rush there around areas like buoy, calvert beach, could be a little wet. so, again, the next couple days more clouds than clear skies around the area. we're at 51 degrees in montgomery county tomorrow. 52 in d.c. folks around mclean, fairfax, a high of 52 degrees. culpeper, fredericksburg, stafford, to 53 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. here's a look at your storm team four-day forecast. from the low to mid 50s the next two days, to getting up to a high temperature of 61 degrees on thursday. in fact, that high temperature on thursday, 61. that will be the warmest temperature going back to about 14 days prior. but tuesday and wednesday again, lots of clouds with the possibility of someorning sprinkles and maybe a passing shower. then as we get into the end of the week on friday, temperature 57 degrees. now friday is a day right now that is looking like it's going
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to be pretty soggy. we've got rain for the morning rush, for the evening rush. and there could be some locations that get more than an inch-and-a-half of rain. these are the areas in purple. winchester, gaithersburg toward baltimore. what i like, though, as we head into the weekend, guys, that rain should be ending. we'll be clearing out and hitting a high temperature on saturday of 46 degrees. right now, saturday is looking like our best day out of the weekend with maybe a little more rain returning sunday. so put your coats away for at least a little bit. >> okay. we will. thanks, veronica. the wizards do something they haven't done in more than four years. dianna is next. ♪ getting cozy. ♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪
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♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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this is the xfinity sports
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desk, brought to you by x tfinx, your home for the most live sports. >> let's talk about our winning team. wizards look good, right? >> that's the way to kick it off. jim vance must have got the memo. you know where he was? the verizon -- he sent me a picture, said have a good show. we're hanging out, relaxing, enjoying the winners. the wizards did something -- are doing something tonight that hasn't happened in four years. you guys ready for this? >> yeah. >> the wizards are at .500. nine wins, nine losses. the last time they were .500, november of 2009. tonight they kept the ball rolling against the orlando magic. second overall pick, victor oladipo returning to the d.c. area with the magic. first quarter, wizards up three. trevor raisa drives a lane high up the glass bucket a the foul. wiz up 6.
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oladipo dribbles past wald and throws it down. 13 points. magic within five now. wizards come right back. wald to ariza. perfect 4 for 4 with a game high 25 points. wizards running away, grabs the rebound, takes it through two defenders for the bucket. 16 points and 13 assists for wall. wizards win 98-90. they have now won seven of their last nine games. on the diamond. the washington nationals already stacked pitching rotation should be even stronger next to season. tonight the nats completed a trade for right-hander, doug fister, a 14-game winner last season for the detroit tigers. so listen to this rotation. strasburg, zimmerman, gonzalez, fister and debtwhiler. no batters want to face these
11:27 pm
guys. the nats had to give up steve lom ber dozy and ray. he was the ultimate utility man who filled in at every position. the 25-year-old howard county native hit .264 with 5 home runs and 50 rbis in two-plus season with the nats. he will be missed. we won't be talking about changes to the washington redskins roster just yet. with four games left, mike shanahan says this isn't the time to make end game evaluations. the best are going oh to play, and they won't be experimenting with young players. >> players know when you're playing for the future. players know that, you know, your job is to play the best players. give you the best chance to win. i think there's a number of guys very close. they're close. are they there yet? if you're going to put a guy in that's close, you're not playing the best player. then what you've told your football team, you are evaluating these young guys.
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and you're, you know -- you really don't care about the game. if you want to see a team turn on you, just go start playing younger players. and start playing for the future. >> all right. so yes. >> they don't need that now. >> they don't exactly -- that reaction. >> they kind of do. >> they do. but they are going to try to finish strong here. but they are -- we would be foolish to think they're not rethinking next season. but, of course, the wizards getting that nice win. 98-80 over orlando. yes. a good one for them. >> thanks.
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a wildlife camera in australia disappeared and has quite a story to tell. a sea eagle stole it. the motion sensor camera recorded the whole thing. you can see the eagle's wings, and then starts to peck at the camera with his beak. rangers watched the video to se
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes kim kardashian.
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from the new movie "ender's game," abigail breslin. the music of two door cinema club. d scary halloween products. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you, very much. welcome to "the tonight show." thank you. thank you. that's very kind.

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